The Importance of Giving
The Harvest's ability to continue its ministries and outreach programs is dependent on the donations and prayers of people such as you. We thank you for your answering the call to support these efforts.
One Time Donation
For your convenience and safety, the button on the right of this page enables you to make a one time donation through PayPal, the Internet's largest and most respected financial service. You may set the donation to whatever amount you want to give. Funds can be charged to your credit card, deducted from your checking account, or, if you have one, credited against your own PayPal account.
Ongoing Donations
If you would like to support The Harvest by subscribing to an ongoing series of monthly donations, use one of the buttons below. As above, your gifts will be processed through PayPal. The difference is that you need not return to this site on a regular basis to make a donation. The amount you indicate will be process automatically once per month for the next 12 months.
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