A Generation Awakened

We would love all youth to come to our awakening services every wednesday night @ 7 PM.  A goal of ours is to awaken this generation to a burning heart for Christ.  We want to awaken this generation of students to a burning heart in the private place.  I fully believe if we can burn in the private places outside of church, then we will burn in public out of a consequence to our personal burn for Christ.  Statistics say that somewhere around 88% of evangelical students are not found in church within 1 year of graduating high school.  We would love to change those statistics.  It starts by becoming awakened to the depravity of your spirit and realizing that when Christ becomes the One thing in your life above everything else then your whole world will change.  I would be willing to say that the remaining 12% of those evangelical students are the ones that serve God.  I guess the sad reality of that statistic is that many of our students who go to youth at church arent really serving God, I beleive God is seeking an awakened generation that does more than go to church, but serves God with all of their being.  We want to awaken students to a real Jesus who is way more than just a wednesday afternoon, but becomes an obsession in your life.  We do not have a youth service so we can all get together and feel enlightened and think that everything is ok, but we want to let God get real with our hearts and our lives.  If God is not first to you then He is nothing to you.  I believe education is important and athletics are a lot of fun, but its time for us (by us i mean parents and students) to awaken to the fact that our American society has made God no big deal but just a convenience.  Lets stop making education and athletics more important than God.  One of the easiest things to say is God is first and foremost in my life and home, but just remember well done is better than well said, and lets not become a generation that stands before God and have honored Him with our lips but our hearts were far from Him.  Its time for this generation to awaken and put God back where He belongs, above all!